Invitation to the Institute for National Transformation Track 2: Governance Sphere Training Programme - Cohort 2


The Institute of National Transformation (INT) course was formed to create awareness of the prospects for national transformation, and to highlight the role of citizens in the process. This awareness has over the years created a desire in some graduates to get more engaged in the governance sphere. Those who have climbed higher on the Governance Mountain have found that there are competencies that are a prerequisite for successful ascent. The INT Track 2 Governance Sphere Training Programme is designed to address that need.

Course Objectives

  • To equip participants with knowledge and skills needed to function effectively in the sphere of governance
  • To develop transformational leadership character attributes and disciplines
  • To mentor participants in the execution of a service project
  • To impart the spirit of transformation

The 12-module course will be delivered over a period of one year with three-hour engagements on a weekly basis early on Saturday mornings. Each module consists of 7 Units derived from 7 tracks:

  •  Leadership Track
  • Governance Track 
  • Spiritual Track 
  • Book of the Month 
  • Biblical Character of the month 
  • Skills/Practices Track 
  • Practical (Project, Field Trip, and mentoring at least 2 youths) 

Each module consists of a unit from one of the 7 tracks. Two units will be covered each week; the fourth week will be dedicated to practicals. Each participant is required to identify a service project that they will carry out throughout the duration of the course. The project could be one that they are already doing or one they must start at the beginning of the course. In addition, each participant shall nominate at least 2 youths that they will mentor alongside throughout the course. Field trips and a recommended movie to watch will be part of the practicals.

Assessments will be based on attendance and on the progress of the projects undertaken. There will also be reflective writing assignments.

The course is primarily designed for INT Alumni with a calling to the Governance sphere. This includes those in or who aspire to be in:

  • Policy and decision making positions including boards and legislatures
  • Executive positions including administrators and management
  • Judicial positions. 

In addition, alumni from any of the other spheres that sense a calling to higher levels of leadership in their spheres will find the course beneficial.

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Leadership Track Topics:
  1.  Ingredients of Effective Leadership 
  2. Pitfalls in the Leadership Journey 
  3. Peace Building 
  4. Leadership in Hostile Environments 
  5. Introduction to Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics 
  6. Leadership Foresight 
  7. Building Leadership Culture  
  8. Effective Change Management 
  9. Handling & Managing Success 
  10. Manpower and Succession Planning 
  11. Building Reputational Capital 
  12. Leadership Ideology 
Governance Track Topics:
  1.  Overview of Uganda’s History 
  2. The Structure of the Central and Local Government 
  3. The Judiciary and Judicial Processes 
  4. Parliament and Legislative Processes 
  5. The Structure of the Ugandan Economy 
  6. Uganda Vision 2040 
  7. Organizational Leadership: Role of Boards 
  8. Strategies for Community Transformation
  9. Globalization, Geopolitics and Global Leadership 
  10. Diplomacy and International Relations 
  11. Essentials For Running For Political Office 
  12. International Trade 
Spiritual Track Topics:
  1. The Call to Leadership & Biblical Qualifications For Leadership
  2. Understanding The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership - Thrones
  3. Understanding The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership – Altars
  4. Intercession and Spiritual Warfare for Leaders
  5. Understanding the Kingdom of God
  6. God’s Purpose For Government
  7. Wisdom and Leadership
  8. Hearing God’s Voice
  9. Hubris versus Humility
  10. Handling and Managing Failure
  11. Conquering the Giants Within
  12. Past and Prophetic Future of Africa
Books Of The Month:
  1. The Leadership Challenge
  2. The Four Disciplines of Execution
  3. Constitutional and Political History of Uganda
  4. The Constitution of Uganda
  5. The Old Testament Template
  6. Positioning Africa for the 21st Century
  7. Mindset Change for Community
  8. Development
  9. Up and Out of Poverty
  10. The Jewish Phenomenon
  11. Why Great Men Fall
  12. The 8th Habit.
  13.  Africa’s Industrialization and Prosperity 
Leadership Lessons From The Biblical Character Of The Month:
  1. Abraham
  2. Joseph
  3. Moses
  4. Joshua
  5. Deborah/Jael
  6. Saul
  7. David
  8. Jezebel/Ahab
  9. Daniel
  10. Esther
  11. Paul
  12. Jesus
Skills/Practices Track:
  1.  Cultivating A Biblical Work Ethic 
  2. Healthy Lifestyle For A Leader 
  3. Cultivating Negotiation Skills 
  4. Cultivating a Reading Culture 
  5. Presentation & Grooming For Leaders
  6. Communication Skills for Leaders 
  7. Managing Meetings 
  8. Protocol for Leaders 
  9. Media and Public Relations 
  10. Building Teams and Networks 
  11. The Art of Decision making 
  12. The Art of Problem Solving